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Zoom Jayanti - 6° Chakra Essential Oil  - ADJNIA OIL

Jayanti - 6° Chakra Essential Oil - ADJNIA OIL

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Use it to encourage meditation. It favors the connection with the unconscious and helps to feel part of the entire Universe. Strengthens intuition, imagination and psychic faculties. Use this oil when you want to abstract from material reality and see things from a higher perspective.


Effects on thinking and mood:

Relaxing on a deep level

widens understanding, intuition, connection with the unconscious, dream-like activity

strengthens the psychic faculties

helps to find solutions to problems clearly.


Use it when you experience the following symptoms: 

nervous disorders with obsessive component

fears, delusions, hallucinations

senile dementia

delirium tremens


hyperexcitability for excesses and abuses (alcohol, drugs, etc.)

affections, inflammations and disorders that affect the organs of perception such as the eyes, ears, nose



reduction of smell and hearing


convulsive cough


swelling and acute pains




When to use it:

Preferably in the evening, before going to sleep or during the day, to stimulate intuition or if meditative activities are carried out.



Place 1/2 drops, on the area of the body corresponding to the 6th Chakra, on the nape and on the shoulder area. It is possible to rub the mixture on the areas of the hands or feet that correspond, according to reflexology, to the 6th Chakra. In this case, gently massage the affected points..

Jayanti - 6° Chakra Essential Oil - ADJNIA OIL



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