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Zoom Fitness Coffee Antioxidant Fully Active Blend 250 g (8.8 oz) - Beans

Fitness Coffee Antioxidant Fully Active Blend 250 g (8.8 oz) - Beans

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We proudly announce that Fitness Coffee Antioxidant Fully Active Blend™ is been the winner of the Taste 11 Award as Top Innovation Product at Anuga 2011, the most important food trade fair in the world.

The best seller thermo genic antioxidant coffee that boosts energy levels, supports your metabolism aiding in weight loss and healthy diet. It contains only premium roasted green coffees , 16 nutrient-rich herbs and whole spices.

Get full healthy benefits from patented beverages, simply replacing your daily hot beverages cups:

Antioxidants are the greatest defense against cellular damage neutralizing free radicals.

Instead of buying expensive slimming pills and beverages, replace your coffee cups with our healthy coffees: so you will support forever body and mind clearness.


Advantage of this healthy coffee 

1- A competitive price similar to a top quality roasted coffee;

2- NO additives, colorings, flavors, preservatives, MSG, GMO, sugar;

3- Made of 100% natural and vegetal components, with only the best selection of Italian roasted beans and 16 medicinal herbs and salutary spices recognised by the scientific world community for their healthy effects;

4- The easiest way to get fit, no taking expensive pills, replacing forever the daily cups with 2-3 cups of Fitness Coffee®;

5- Delicious sweetened and chilled like aperitif or digestive;

6- It can be prepared in the same and usual methods getting a tonic, digestive, fat burning beverage more delicious and aromatic than the traditional cups;

7- The cheapest products to help the diet and to take care every day of body and mind;

8- No added caffeine nor decaffeinated or instant coffees

Fitness Coffee Antioxidant Fully Active Blend 250 g (8.8 oz) - Beans



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