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Blue Azurite Sun

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Blue Azurite Sun

Emotional Balance · Spiritual Awareness · Mental Clarity

Azurite Sun is a unique formation of the mineral azurite, with radiating and sun-like pattern. It is only found in the Malbunka Copper Mine in the Northern Territory of Australia.

It is believed to help individuals increase spiritual awareness, develop their psychic gifts and deepen their connection to the spiritual realm. It helps clear away mental blockages and negative thought patterns, making it useful for problem-solving, decision-making, and studying. It promotes inner peace and emotional healing by encouraging the release of old emotional wounds and traumas. It is thought to help individuals work through their feelings and find emotional balance, fostering greater self-awareness and personal growth.

Chakra(s): Brow, Throat

Horoscope sign(s): Sagittarius, Aquarius

Element(s): Wind






Blue Azurite Sun



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