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Prophecy Stone

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Prophecy Stone

High Vibration · Growth · Spiritual Connection

Prophecy stone from Egypt is a rare and unique example of a pseudomorph of marcasite/pyrite after limonite/hematite. It is a calming stone for the mind and for success in legal disputes. It is a memory enhancer and an aid to clarity of thought and control of stress. It is also a very high vibration meditation stone that stimulates the Brow and Crown Chakras to receive and incorporate guidance from the spiritual realm. Forming a deep connection with this stone can open your consciousness to receive powerful messages, as well as enhance your memory and your ability to think clearly. Assists in reaching deeper states of meditation as well as astral travel.

Chakra(s): Brow, Crown

Horoscope sign(s): Capricorn

Element(s): Earth




Weight: 20g / 40g / 47g



Prophecy Stone



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