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Zoom Jayanti - 5° Chakra Essential Oil - VISHUDDHA OIL

Jayanti - 5° Chakra Essential Oil - VISHUDDHA OIL

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Use vishuddha oil energy when you want to improve your ability to communicate. It encourages contact with one’s own inner truths and allows them to be expressed in a clear, sincere and polite manner. It promotes sleep and helps to calm hyperactive children.

Effects on thinking and mood:

relax and calm the overexcited mind

it stimulates introversion and introspection towards one’s feelings and emotions


Use it when you experience the following symptoms: 



insomnia from too many thoughts



lack of organization.

sore throat



pain in shoulders and arms





muscle spasms

menstrual cramps

intestinal colic

heat dysentery


When to use it:

preferably in the evening, before going to sleep or during the day, to encourage and support communication, or if there is a need to calm down.



Place 5/6 drops on the area of the body corresponding to the 5th Chakra, on the area of the throat and shoulders. It is possible to rub the mixture on the areas of the hands or feet that correspond, according to reflexology, to the 5th Chakra. In this case, gently massage the affected points.

Jayanti - 5° Chakra Essential Oil - VISHUDDHA OIL



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